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"Selling a house is like writing a song... many elements come together for it to work, and when it's all in sync, you have perfect harmony," says John. In 1988, John Rault started worked in real estate, and being a singer in his spare time he decided to leave real estate to pursue a career in entertainment this can in some sense explain the analogy. His aim? To bring you an end result that will be music to your ears. 

His passion for real estate drew him back a few years later and now he has never looked back.
What does he love about the property game? When the phone rings unexpectedly, and it's a past client who he sold for years ago, they've somehow found him again, and have come back for more. 

And now, being a director of his own Eview business, he's accountable to each and every client, and thrives on that responsibility. With an instinct for the market, for what sells and how to sell it, John Rault is a wise choice for your next sale.

John is the ideal blend of high-energy with a never give-up attitude. He has a cheeky sense of fun, coupled with truckloads of wisdom that come with many years of buying and selling. In his former life (before property), he's worked from menswear to auto spares, and for him, it's always been about you, the customer. Nothing has changed there. You are his prime focus. He'll negotiate for you, knowing when to speak and when to listen, in order to get the best for your future.

"It's about going the extra mile," says John. "Doing those little extras that other agents may not think of," he says. "It's about acknowledging the stress people are going through, and doing all I can to take it away from them, and keeping that stress rolled in a tight little invisible ball in my own pockets. Because that's my job."

"It almost sounds like a cliche when I hear myself say it, but I love being part of that pivotal journey where people are changing their lives when they sell. For me, it's a great honor to be the one helping them go through that," says John.

And when we say high energy, we mean it. Although he hasn't totally hung up the microphone he still conducts auctions on a regular basis and still MC's the odd karaoke evening, he can be seen pounding the pavement in early hours in training for triathlons, obstacle events like Tough Mudder, or Spartan Races when he's not at the gym or busting his buns at boot-camp. With 5 kids to chase and an equally active partner, John is a man who never rests. And that's the kind of man you want selling your property. 

John Rault.
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John Rault

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