Calculating your market share and the volume of business in your marketplace may seem a daunting or unnecessary task. However, conducting a business analysis will provide you with a clear understanding of where your opportunities are in the marketplace and what strategies you need to set in place to seize them.

In today's episode, we will take you through a step by step guide in how to conduct a business analysis for your real estate business. We will provide you with all the essential tips and formulas in order for you to strategise your team effectively so that you'll reach the target GCI for your business.

Watch today's episode to learn how to conduct a business analysis and how the findings will help you grow your business.

0:35 - What's a business analysis?

1:29 - Sales meeting Tip - quickly finding out your teams' opportunity ratio in your weekly meetings

03:43 - How to find out how many homes sold in your area in the past 12 months.

4:10 - How to find out who is selling homes in your marketplace.

5:25 - Why there is an increase of out of area agents working other patches

6:04 - Find out how many agents and agencies per 1000 homes in your marketplace

7:15 - The benefits of conducting a Business Analysis

8:23 - The importance of obtaining the market share of agents in an area.

8:54 - Why Property Management Analysis should also be part of your Business Analysis

10:15 - The gist of A Business Analysis: how many people you need in your agency and how many homes in your territory they need to sell to reach your GCI target.

10:47 - A quick example of how you'll reach your target GCI

11:38 - How your Business Analysis can help you develop a better recruitment strategy

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