As real estate agents we are used to coming up against objections. Naturally people spending money on selling, buying or letting property are wary because of the significant costs involved. The objections they come up with tend to fall into similar categories - so over the years you become better at dealing with them. But even when you know how to rebuff an objection, it doesn't always result in getting the individual on board as a client. Here we share three common (but rarely addressed) objections and our advice on how to overcome them in order to achieve a positive outcome and increase the amount of business you receive from initially wary customers.

You handle a lot of properties and deal with lots of people. I want your full attention.

It's frustrating when you become a victim of your own success. There really is just no pleasing some people? or is there? Whilst this appears on the surface not to be a valid concern, it's likely a fear borne out of a poor experience the person has had in the past. Surveys have shown that one of the most frustrating things clients find when dealing with real estate agents is not having their calls returned - therefore not feeling valued as a client or kept in the loop. It's likely that they've encountered an agent in the past who has given them very little time, taken days (if not weeks) to respond to their calls and forced them to chase constantly to get vital updates on the progress of their sale. Getting to the root of the problem alleviates these concerns and reassures them. Explain that you have a set system that ensures all clients are properly taken care of and equally catered for. Yes, you're a popular agent - but this is testament to the level of service you provide, as most of your business comes via word of mouth. Clients simply wouldn't recommend you or keep coming back if you didn't provide them with a positive experience overall - which means getting your full attention whenever necessary.

I want to find a property first before I put mine on the market

Traditionally you'd counter this with agreement - at the end of the day, nobody wants to be left in limbo without anywhere to go. You'd let them know that yes, selling a property can take time - but purchasing a property can also take a while. For this reason, it's better that they get the ball rolling on the sale now, in case they see somewhere they really like and want to put an offer in. Being unprepared to sell your home can actually hinder the buying process. You can also turn this objection into an opportunity for more business, where appropriate. If they're looking to buy in the same area or state tell them, you'll schedule them an appointment to come and look at some of the properties you currently have on the books to speed up the process even further. You may have something that's just perfect for them.

Other agents have lowered their commissions. Why won't you?

Price is a very common objection in this industry. Some people want something for nothing - others are genuinely struggling and need to acquire our services as cheaply as possible. Don't get into a price war. Your prices are set at a rate for a reason. Explain that whilst others may be lowering their prices, yours have always been (and always will be) a fair reflection of the level of service you provide. If you were to cut the cost of the service, you would then need to lower your standards to match it, and that isn't something you want to do. If you can't overcome this objection don't see it as a loss - it's only fair that you are paid properly for the services you provide, and you appreciate their true value.

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