Why SEO is important for real estate agents - and how to boost it

The internet is becoming a more sophisticated and successful tool for real estate agents - as an increasing number of our processes shift online. SEO (short for search engine optimisation) helps brands to increase their exposure and prevalence both in their local area and the industry as a whole. Here we share five key tips to help you boost your SEO and in turn maximise your online presence.

Set some keywords

Keywords offer an indication to Google that content contains information that is relevant to a certain subject. It's crucial that you weave a set of keywords into your website content, as this helps Google to determine what you're talking about, and why. So for example, if one of your pages shares who you are and what you do, you'll want it to include the name of your location or locations a few times, your company name and terms describing the services you offer - "real estate", "lettings agency", "property management" etc. These keywords must be included at a certain density in order to optimise each page - over or underuse them and this could affect your ranking. It's worth working with an SEO expert or installing a plug-in called Yoast into your website to help you ensure each page is fully maximised.

Acquire backlinks

Backlinks are reciprocal connections - links - between your site and another. Your aim is to acquire a number of quality backlinks with relevant authority sites. It's not a case of "the more the merrier", as Google will see this as a deliberate method of ranking higher and could penalise you for it. Make a list of backlinks you think would be beneficial and weave them into content pages and blogs.

Be responsive and get mobile

Most online browsing is now conducted via mobile devices - and Google recognises this. If your site isn't responsive (able to fit to function on various different smartphones and tablets) its ranking will be downgraded. It's well worth investing now in a responsive site - as this also enhances customer experience and reduces bounce rates.

Blog and get social

When ranking sites Google favours those with regularly updated content - as this demonstrates that visitors will receive up to date information and can expect to have their thirst for knowledge satisfied each time they click through. Blogs are the best way to communicate your authority and knowledge in your chosen field - they add credibility and trustworthiness to what is otherwise an often faceless presence online. Meanwhile, social media provides powerful promotional opportunities and opens up various channels that directly reach target demographics. Invest time and money if necessary in properly managed Facebook and Instagram platforms - adding Twitter and LinkedIn to the list if you offer commercial services. The quality of your content matters - be creative, engaging and interesting, targeting your potential clientele.

Use video

Video has been shown to be a highly effective method of showcasing the services you offer and any properties on your books online. Videos are several times more likely to be engaged with compared with visual content alone - so they're a worthy investment. As well as using videos to offer walk-throughs of properties on the market, you can also use them as vlogs on an industry-specific topic or offering advice for clients - establishing and reaffirming your expertise and authority.


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