We're dedicated to making our industry a better place to be for everyone in it on all sides, via our extensive Eview network and Manos & Maria's Business Leadership programme - collectively joining forces to share their success with others. We believe that with passion, drive and dedication anyone can succeed in real estate. In today's blog we share some of our top tips - advice you may not generally find in industry columns and articles.

Pitch stories to journalists for high profile, low-cost guerrilla marketing:

We all know that paid advertising in magazines and newspapers can be incredibly costly. But what if you could contribute and secure valuable exposure without spending any money? Putting together press releases and sending them to publications or directly to local and national reporters can be an incredibly lucrative way to promote your business. You'll need to be fairly impartial and won't be able to do any hard selling - but that's the beauty of it. People are incredibly receptive to authority articles, which offer you up as a credible source of information and a trustworthy partner. Think carefully about how you can contribute to industry papers and sites and submit articles periodically yet regularly - preferably once a month or once every other month.

Keep in touch with clients

Keep a line of communication open between your business and past clients - as once they've had a good experience with you they'll likely come back for more. You'll also be front of mind when they're asked for recommendations for real estate agents by friends and family. Sources of referrals can also come from business owners locally - try accountants, financial advisors and investors.

Don't ignore online marketing

Online marketing is key - with digital marketing channels now providing a higher percentage of promotional power compared with traditional methods. Make sure your website is well designed, informative and impressive. Behind it all, it must be SEO optimised and easy to maintain so that you can change and update content as required.

Open houses open doors

Open houses are inexpensive and easy to organise - but they can also attract a great deal of interest not just for the property in question, but also for your business as a whole. This type of viewing is informal, no obligation and flexible - so it brings in plenty of potential leads. Each open house also presents an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the immediate local area, understand more about different demographics in your location and get to know

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