Real estate agencies deal with hundreds of people each year - all with different requirements and expectations. It isn't quite as simple as dividing our target markets into four - buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants. Every customer has a unique story, budget, requirement and goal. They're all at different stages of life's journey, and therefore have varying expectations when it comes to buying or selling a property.

Effective marketing is all about fulfilling a need or alleviating pressure points your customers may be experiencing. First-time homeowners will look for markedly different qualities in a real estate agent compared with a couple downsizing after retirement. Whilst accommodating every possible party requires a focus on the individual and a personal, tailored service, there are some set guidelines real estate agents can follow to ensure that they are attracting the three very different but incredibly important overarching buyer groups.

Local clients react to and respect local knowledge and passion

Local clients already know and love the area - and they want to stay close by - so it's key that they feel you know and love it just as much as they do. Focus marketing resources on general awareness - such as sponsorship of local community groups and facilities, charities and sports organisations. Be seen enough to become a meaningful household name - a brand that builds trust just by being present and involved in local matters. This sophisticated form of guerrilla marketing significantly raises your authority and credibility, ensuring you-re the first company that comes to mind when a local person decides to buy or sell a property in the area. It also enables you to "give back" and make a difference within your local community, choosing causes that are close to your heart.

Attract national interest by concentrating on promoting location first

National interest tends to come from a general awareness of the area you work within - and won't necessarily focus primarily on properties. When buyers from other states start to plan a relocation, they'll start by researching areas that meet their select criteria before checking out available properties on or Location first - property second. Therefore your approach when targeting national clients will closely mirror your promotional plan for local buyers, starting with highlighting the benefits of living in the location, then be presenting properties that will appeal to their situation and requirements. Write blogs or create profiles on your site sharing key information and indicating which type of buyer the area may be suitable for. Families? Couples? Quiet? Bustling? Close to CBD? Short commute? Emphasise each benefit in turn and make the decision-making process easier and simpler for them. They'll be searching for advice online, so when you provide helpful answers to their questions at this stage they'll be much more likely to return to you when they need help finding a property.

Investors want slick, swift, efficient service

Investment clients are undoubtedly lucrative - and once you've earned their trust you can acquire a valuable long-term revenue stream. If you want to work with investors you've got to know your stuff - and you need to be prepared to channel a considerable chunk of your resources into their property management, disposal or acquisition activity. Naturally, investors focus on different sets of criteria relating to the profitability of their project - whether they're redeveloping, purchasing land for construction or renting out a property. Assigning specific members of staff to deal with investors is a savvy move - as they will amass relevant knowledge and experience at their fingertips. They won't have to switch between different types of clients - a scattered approach which can often reduce productivity and lead to mistakes. As a result they'll be confident - and less likely to feel overwhelmed by a mounting workload when they're concentrating on just one area of the business.

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