2017 has been an incredibly interesting year for real estate - a year of movement and rapid evolution - and as the industry experiences growing success, agents need to stay ahead of the game and abreast of upcoming trends to keep up and compete.
Here we share some of Manos and Maria's predictions for the New Year - along with some top tips to help you to move with the trends and use them to your advantage as 2018 commences.

"The year of the SMS"

Manos has dubbed 2018 "the year of SMS" - based on our own marketplace research suggesting that although lots of people in the industry discuss using SMS as a marketing and communication tool, it still isn't being used optimally to its full advantage.
There are in fact so many ways that this now rather "old-school" technology can be employed within real estate to dramatically enhance communication - between agents and landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers.
We are increasingly time poor - and one primary frustration that still comes
up in market surveys is lack of correspondence or unanswered phone calls and voicemails.

Additionally, from a marketing perspective, things are likely to shift, with the use of text messages increasing in 2018. Although email marketing and social media will continue to be viable communication channels, real estate agencies will require another avenue that's more direct and engaging. SMS is perfect - as it's personal and
prominent - much more likely to be read by the end user as so many of us spend more and more time on our phones.

Just by necessity, this is going to explode in 2018 because a lot of people are not getting through with email marketing anymore.
They're not getting through to clients as emails are getting deleted or spammed every day - "so we're not getting through in the way that we used to." Suggests Maria.

"The year of content"

Not being a part of the content revolution is no longer an option. It's
now essential to create unique, engaging, personalised content for
marketing platforms - as these are now primary channels of
communication with clients. This isn't new - but many in the
industry have been putting it off for some time, mostly due to the
sheer amount of time involved in putting together visual media,
video or social resources on a regular, consistent basis.
"It's come to the point where if you're not doing it, you're not actually
in the real estate space." Explains Manos, "As more and more people
are providing value and knowledge to their local communities they're
really going to be set apart."

Content also establishes you as an authority in the industry - in turn
providing valuable credibility. "People are craving information," Adds
Maria, "They want to know you as the expert."

Take advantage of outsourcing

Lots of real estate companies already employ outsourcing as a technique with success - usually to help bring down the costs involved in running a business through enlisting professional support on an ad-hoc basis rather than taking on staff in-house. This is something that can be utilised across the board by businesses large and small to help them to streamline, save costs and also concentrate on the high-value work - doing what they do best whilst peripheral tasks are taken care of.

"Within Australia, we have some amazing companies doing trust accounting, bookkeeping, HR support. It's no longer the case that as a business owner you have to do everything - as was true when we first started." Says Maria. "There are a lot of options out there - from human resources to training, telemarketing, prospecting and content writing.
Many outsource companies that you can take advantage of are on subscription and they really aren't that costly." "Look at your company and see what you can outsource to bring those efficiencies back into your business." Adds Manos. "This is useful not just from a cost-effectiveness viewpoint, but also from a headspace angle. The more you can outsource, the more you have to manage - but you know it gets done."

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