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Sales Consultant Jarod Joseph started life as a real estate agent over seven years ago in Melbourne's CBD, selling properties in Richmond and South Yarra before swapping the city for the coast to start a family. The motive for his own relocation inspired his empathic, person-centred approach - and he excels at matching people with the properties they want and need. After joining Eview Group in 2015, Jarod was the national number one sales agent for three consecutive months and has continued to astound with his enthusiasm, competitive edge and strong work ethic - winning the Sapphire award most recently - our highest award for the quarter. Here he shares personal insights, secrets to success and key turning points throughout his own experience for budding agents and those looking to branch out on their own.

Being a real estate agent meant I could make a difference:

I always wanted to help people, so at first I thought I would be a teacher - but unfortunately there aren't many avenues for advancement and earning capacity to support my own family in that sector. After that I considered pursuing psychiatry, but the thought of nine years of study and internship without a guarantee that I would enjoy it was just far too daunting for me! My grandfather was a very skilled real estate agent - so it was a natural progression for me to consider this as a career. I felt a combination of my skill-set including customer service, attention to detail and a passion for teaching people about real estate would constitute a recipe for success. Most of all I am particularly passionate about helping my clients achieve their life goals through investment properties or selling for maximum profit to allow them to progress to their next chapter.

I love the family feel at Eview

I am a bit of a control freak - so you could be forgiven for thinking that a franchise environment wouldn't be right for me. Eview however is very different to the traditional model that springs to mind when you think of a multi-branded business. I particularly like the fact that I can effectively be a business within a business and do things my way and at my own pace, without the stress and distraction of back-end operations and day-to-day running.

I have worked with three other agencies before - two in the city and one on the peninsula. What I love so much about Eview (and perhaps the biggest difference between Eview and competitor brands) is that it was started as a family business. The love and care flows down from the very top from the directors Manos, Maria and Arthur to our office director Jarrod Carman, then it flows onto us - and I know it sounds cheesy but we all help each other and it feels like a family business. When you are at work for such a large portion of your time and do the crazy 60-70 hour weeks we do that makes a huge difference!

Mentorship and a culture of success have changed the game for me

The environment and culture that I have found at Eview really aligns with my values of helping each other and looking for the best in people. This enables you to just focus on what you are there to do and service your clients, which in turn grows your business! The mentorship that I have found in abundance from Jarrod Carman has been invaluable and has directly tripled my business. In addition to sourcing training sessions (both internal and with external speakers), just the sheer encouragement that comes from the entire Eview family has really changed the game for me. The freedom and lack of red tape that some corporate agencies can have is really important to me, too. With Eview you just have to have the inspiration and passion to grow your business and go for it!

You won't look back. Freedom awaits!

The beautiful thing about Eview directors Manos and Maria is their proactive dedication, involvement and support. They could very easily sit back and just let the business run along and it would still be successful, but they have a fiery passion for excellence and continued growth that makes it a continual evolution in our brand, marketing, website, tools and our own personal developments. They love seeing everybody succeed and achieve their individual goals. If you asked me whether you should work with Eview to achieve your dream of becoming a successful real estate agent? Do it, and do it now - you won't look back. Freedom awaits!




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