Appearance matters - branding rules for real estate agents    

We talk a lot about branding here on the blog - and with good reason. At the end of the day, customers choose a company largely based on their appearance. It's the same across the board - for hotels and restaurants, fashion brands and even schools and solicitors. Here we share several key points to help you to maximise your visual presence in the marketplace.

Be bold, bright - and street-worthy

Although there has been a sizeable shift from the streets to online visibility, presence and promotion, it's still important to make a powerful impression with your marketing boards and literature. Spend a little more time and attention on the boards that represent your company outside the properties themselves, and ensure that they instil confidence in current clients whilst attracting new ones. It's sometimes necessary to think outside the box a little here - accompanying eye-catching design and your logo with a memorable slogan.

Stay visible

However camera-shy you may be, your face is a very important aspect of selling your business. Not just your face - but those of your staff and key players in your company - especially anyone who is customer-facing. Invest carefully in a professional photographer who can bring out your individual personalities and takes images that reflect the true nature of the subject. A photograph is a customer's first opportunity to feel they can get to know you - so anything questionable (too playful or serious, poorly dressed staff) will send alarm bells ringing or be plain off-putting. For this to be successful you also need to know your market intimately well so that you can communicate effectively with your photographer.

Colour counts

Colours have been shown to have fascinating effects on the brain and on perception and emotion. It may sound cliche, but studies on colour psychologies have shown that hues like orange, red and yellow invoke feelings of fun, vibrancy and femininity, whilst navy and black communicate class, confidence, professionalism and power. When composing and creating a brand image it's important to only use key colours - colours that are appropriate for your company values and vision. Professional graphic designers can advise you on this - helping you to stick to a select palette that properly reflects your branding and isn't overpowering or overwhelming for potential clients.

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