When we talk about Your Brand, Your Business, we heavily focus on the people behind the company at hand - with good reason. We believe that the partners we join up with are an instrumental aspect of the wider success of the business - the expertise, experience and perspectives they bring. This is why we insist that Eview franchisees retain their own personal branding and design if they want to - with remarkable results.

Your brand is your identity

On the whole, franchising companies tend to focus on expanding their own brand through "micro-businesses" that bear exactly the same name and moniker. But one disadvantage of this is that much of that person and company's identity becomes lost in the main message. It's especially important given the fact that real estate as a market revolves around people and personalities. Whether you're just starting out or already possess an established agency, you want to be able to communicate on your terms, with a visual representation that truly reflects your passion and authenticity.

Support matters

A solid support network is essential for most businesses - but many companies tend to grow without backing, guidance and experience from peer members. Why? Because when you all work in the same industry, you're in competition with one another, right? Not when you work with Eview. We take a different perspective - with a supportive approach. This is because we see the value of co-operation and co-production not just for the companies we work with, but for the industry as a whole. There's plenty of room for everyone who is passionate and wants to work hard - regardless of whether they are new to the business or have years of expertise under their belt.

The best of both worlds

If you could start your own business on your terms without huge overheads, massive uncertainty and little or no support, would you go for it? Would you take a leap of faith? This is the position many agents are in when they come to work with us. They're keen to branch out and go it alone - but not without the conditions above. At Eview we create a supportive, productive and safe environment for passionate, genuine, talented agents to build a brand we can all be proud of. Our business model is essentially based on giving agencies the "best of both worlds" - freedom, independence - with strong systems, strategies and support to back them up.

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