Authenticity is key in real estate. Unfortunately, agents can sometimes get a bad rep - and so consumers are often actively on the lookout for scrupulous, genuine companies that operate in the best interests of their customers and the industry as a whole. As a newly established agency, you may be wondering how you can make your mark and help to build trust with very little past experience, time and few testimonials behind you. The answer lies in being open, proactive and true to yourself.

Make good on your promises - or don't make them at all

One principle bugbear of disgruntled real estate customers is a tendency for broken promises. Urgent actions left until the next day. Updates that never arrive. Calls that were missed - and not returned. It needn't be a huge issue that turns them off - even the little things count, and the devil really is in the detail. Pay attention to making good on promises - even the unspoken ones, such as getting back to clients in a timely manner. This is the type of attention to detail that quickly builds solid reputations amongst local markets.

Be competitive, but not "cheap"

It's tempting to keep slashing your prices - especially when everyone around you appears to be doing so, and market disrupters are edging in with "zero fee" promises. What you have to remember is that a quality service costs money for a reason. When you enlist the help of a hairdresser or builder, you tend not to go for the cheapest possible price, but for the person who offers real value for your money. Therefore when you communicate your values effectively, price shouldn't be a problem.

Get out into the community and stay visible

Community cohesion and interaction is essential for agents that want local homebuyers and sellers to feel they can get to know them on a personal level. A vested interest in community matters is attractive and authentic - both sellers and buyers appreciate it and notice that you and your company are giving back and are active in the local area. This visibility is the key to sustained success, as you remain front of mind for clients whilst also gaining credibility and trust.

Build on word-of-mouth recommendations by encouraging testimonials

Everyone agrees that businesses built solidly on glowing word of mouth recommendations are trustworthy and attractive to customers. It's a best-case scenario - an objective we all strive for. But real estate agents can't rely on lip service alone - without references and reviews for potential clients to refer to, many find themselves pipped to the post by more "attractive" prospects. Encourage testimonials - either with incentives or stellar service and prompts such as email follow-ups and letters with surveys attached. This is good practice, as it also shows that you care about gaining a true reflection of the service received - good or bad.

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