When we set up and launched our flexible franchising model, we knew that one of the most valuable benefits it offered would be the extensive network of support provided to agencies. In this blog, we share just a few reasons why having experienced mentors on board can help you to achieve your objectives and grow your real estate business with reduced anxiety, less financial difficulty and fewer stressful setbacks.

Mentoring reduces anxiety and offers clarity:

Psychologically speaking setting up, running and growing a business day in, day out can be exhausting. Your mindset is the key to your success. When things start to go wrong or you hit a brick wall or need someone to turn to for advice, anxiety sets in. Anxiety and indecision are both highly detrimental to the success of any business - as these emotions can cloud your judgement and cause you to make poor choices or take the wrong direction.

When you know you have somebody experienced to call upon for support, anxiety becomes less of an issue. You don't have to worry about who, when, where, what will happen. You simply pick up the phone, fire off an email or arrange a meeting. Chances are, the person you speak to has been in exactly the same position - and therefore has invaluable advice and insight for you to benefit from. Flexible franchising offers this by default - and not just in the singular. When you work with Eview, you benefit from hundreds of agents and a solid management team who are all on hand to help you when you need support or advice.

Learn from experienced professionals who appreciate your position first-hand:

As humans, we're always learning. It's true in any discipline or profession. As soon as you stop educating yourself, you risk stagnation. In real estate, it's easy to get left behind if you don't stay abreast of industry developments and trends, as well as new marketing avenues.
Empathy is the key here. Having a person (or a group of people) to support you can help with this. Whilst conferences and seminars are important, it's unlikely that you'll have time to attend each and every one. Instead, you can learn just by discussing your business, concerns and objectives with an individual who has the experience and expertise to teach and advise you. They may also have fresh insights and guidance to offer from articles they've read recently and training they've attended.

You won't be the first to have made a mistake:

Mistakes. We all make them. When you go it alone, however, you make mistakes alone. You deal with them alone. You figure out what each one taught you and how to progress - alone. Many pitfalls await those who start their own business - and in real estate, in particular, mistakes can cause real setbacks, damage to reputation and financial stress.
With a support network in place it's not necessary to keep making mistakes - and when you do, you have people to turn to who have been in a similar position, and can advise you accordingly. This can be invaluable from a financial perspective - as mistakes can be costly. When you have a mentor or network to turn to you may circumvent expensive mistakes, allowing your business to progress and grow without so many setbacks. When something does occur, swift, sound advice could help you to avoid disaster.

An external view is essential:

We're sometimes far too close to our own businesses to be able to see clearly. Often it's necessary to take a step back in order to regain the perspective required to make a decision or see where things might need to be changed - and this isn't always so easy to do. This is perhaps when having external support matters the most - as a mentor can quickly see issues and improvements to be made which may be harder for you to appreciate. They're also likely to see values and positive points that aren't currently recognised or optimised and could be exploited or emphasised.

To learn more about flexible franchising with Eview and how you can grow your real estate business across Australia, get in touch today or explore our values and principles here.


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