Video has been shown to be a particularly engaging medium and a powerful promotional tool when it comes to securing new business - across a number of industries. But in real estate, video marketing has massive potential to help you to increase your client base - and your profit margins. Here we share just three important and diverse reasons why video should be a key aspect of your marketing and engagement strategy.

Share properties in an engaging, immersive and interactive way -

Social media has revolutionised selling and buying behaviours - and part of this massive change involves video media. For a long time, buyers have based their decisions largely on static visuals - but these can only communicate so much. During a video exploration of a property, buyers can feel as though they are really there and get a much better idea of whether it is going to suit their needs, whether they can see themselves making a home there. Size, proportions, light levels and even tiny details become clearer. This saves their time and yours - minimising ( or eliminating altogether) the wasted resources spent on fruitless visits and viewings.

Make it personal -

People buy people - and just from viewing an image and some bio text on a website, potential clients feel they can gather an impression of you and get to know you a little. If a picture tells a thousand words and written content can invoke an emotive response, just image what a video can do. We have found that videos featuring agents have been incredibly well received - both by those who are familiar with the brand new prospects. A video is the only way to introduce yourself if you are really serious about making a quicker and closer connection with potential customers.

Share your company culture -

Video provides us with a fantastic opportunity to share our company culture. If you read the Eview blog regularly you'll know that we like to do things a little differently.
So how can we communicate this to the outside world? We write blogs, we share on social media - but only through video can people really get a feel for our values and vision - what it's really like to be part of Eview group.
Consider accompanying corporate videos with more creative fun snapshots of your company, such as compilations from your latest office party or team building event. It will humanise your brand - and enables viewers to feel they are getting to know you as a company/ team and as individuals.

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Check out our video library here and learn more about Eviews flexible franchising model and unique marketing methods.

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