Whilst being part of a franchise offers unrivalled stability and support compared with going alone, it also usually means rigidity and lack of originality where marketing and presentation are concerned. For this reason, so many real estate agents choose to run their business independently - but sometimes, they still fall victim to run of the mill marketing and management disciplines that could cost them money and the chance to grow and develop their business.

Here we explain how a flexible approach to growth could help you to achieve your business goals more quickly and with better stability and success.

Don't be afraid to try something new.

When we started Eview (and ever since, as a matter of fact), we've introduced new methods of marketing to the industry that at first could be thought of as fairly unorthodox. We have consistently thought outside the box to differentiate the services we offered and communicate our values to our clients and partners. Real estate agents can be seen as samey, similar - so for this reason, it's good to embrace change. For example, we've found video media to be highly effective in communication and promotion - something that wasn't previously a routine aspect of real estate marketing. You can view some of our videos here - or read more about using video as a promotional tool here on the blog.

Embrace your differences

Difference = success in real estate. Although it feels like a reliable and failsafe route to success to go down the well-trodden path and try to fit in with everyone else, this in itself is actually a risk. You risk blending in with other brands, you risk losing out on business because you don't inspire or excite. You risk being labelled along with others and paying for their mistakes - just because you look like them on the outside. Successful real estate brands are built on honesty, transparency and clarity - they make the most of their point of difference and exploit that. Differences can also be used to make positives out of perceived negatives. New to the industry? You're bringing fresh ideas to the table. Only focusing on one area or property type? You're experts in your chosen niche. Find your selling points and stick to them - and don't be afraid to embrace them if they are different. It's a strength, not a weakness.

Keep on learning

Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners cite constant education and improvement as the key to their success. At Eview, we hold regular conferences, meet-ups and training sessions to make sure that we're meeting the educational needs of our franchisees - whether that's refresher training or learning a brand new skill. Subscribe to some popular industry papers and make a habit of checking in every week to keep abreast of new developments and directions. This also applies to your vicinity, not just to your market. When you take an active interest in local matters and people, they will soon see you as part of the environment, and trust and respect your brand.

Would you like to benefit from an experienced support network of successful real estate experts, without forfeiting control or ownership of your brand? Learn more about franchising with Eview here.

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