How Important Is Decluttering?

When preparing home for sale, we often advise my clients to ‘declutter’ their homes. It's unbelievable to see how much baggage people carry with them and how many things people hang onto. We believe by clearing out clutter; we make room for new things and new adventures in our lives.

Decluttering is important for personal motivation

If you are feeling sluggish about the future, or feel as if you may not be reaching your personal goals, look around your home and see if your stuff is anchoring you down! People in your life will not turn on you if you don't keep every little thing you have ever been given, and memories of your children will be diminished if you start to throw away some of their baby things.

Decluttering will help achieve your goals

Whether it be on the sale of your home, or in your personal life, decluttering will help you on the path to achieving your goals. A decluttered home is a property sale ‘must’. This helps to showcase and show the value of the livable spaces in your home. Potential buyers want to visualise themselves and their lives on the property, and if it is cluttered with personal belongings, this can prove detrimental.

Decluttering can help your community

Giving away things you no longer need to a local charity is a great way to help out other people in your community. It’s important to make sure you are doing this responsibly. Donations of clothing should be clean and undamaged, packed and folded into boxes or bags that are strong enough to be transported. Don’t forget to clean out any pockets! Illegal dumping of goods at charity bins is a problem on the Mornington Peninsula, make sure you ring local ahead and find out where the best place to drop of goods is. To find out more about the Mornington Peninsula or purchasing property with Eview, contact us on 5971 0300.

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