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On The Couch with M & M #5 Julie Anderson

Business success depends on hiring the right people, at the right time with the right competencies.
In this weeks episode of 'On The Couch with M & M,' Manos interviews Julie Anderson, head of Eview Group's HR & Recruitment department.
Managing Human Resources is a specialist field requiring expert knowledge of employment legislation, recruitment methodologies and performance development.
In this interview, Julie breaks down the minimum obligations a business has in the remuneration of team members, which awards apply and what compulsory allowances & entitlements sales agent employees are legally meant to receive; the difference between salary packages & the truth around 'commission only' arrangements.
This is a must topic for all business owners and sales agents.

"The 60 Second Entrepreneur"

"The 60 Second Entrepreneur" is an important book for any person who dreams of creating a successful business. Many of Manos's examples are taken from his Real Estate experience, but also draws upon over 30 years of being self employed and the lessons he teaches are fundamental business truths which anyone can profit from.