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ON THE COUCH WITH M&M, Jarrod Carman I wish I was a Rock Star

Welcome to the first episode of 'On the Couch with M&M.' In this and upcoming episodes, we will go behind the scenes and reveal the strategies & secrets which the best in the business use to create fun and profitable real estate practices.

In this session, we get to meet Eview Group 2016 Principal of the Year,Jarrod Carmanand how he went from sales agent to office Director and build an office from a cold start to $4 million GCI in just 2 years and be awarded the REBonline Office Business ranking of #12 in Australia.

An incredible story of how hard work, surrounding yourself with great people, having a mindset of abundance and simply being a nice guy can help you achieve your goals.


"The 60 Second Entrepreneur"

"The 60 Second Entrepreneur" is an important book for any person who dreams of creating a successful business. Many of Manos's examples are taken from his Real Estate experience, but also draws upon over 30 years of being self employed and the lessons he teaches are fundamental business truths which anyone can profit from.